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Learning Cyberlaw in Cyberspace is offered as a free resource for those teaching in the field of cyberspace law. In order to keep this site useful and current, it relies on those benefiting from the site to contribute back. The initial ten modules were meant to cover a breadth of subjects, but by no means were they meant to represent all of the topics that can be covered in a course concerning the intersection of law and new technologies.

Consider contributing a module to the Learning Cyberlaw in Cyberspace. Chances are, if you think a collection of edited material is a useful reading assignment for students, there are others who will feel the same way. Or, if you see a gap in the coverage of issues that really needs to be filled -- fill it. Write a module.

Have an idea for a new module?

If you are considering writing a modules, we ask that you contact the Learning Cyberlaw in Cyberspace coordinator, Professor Lydia Loren at cyberlaw@lclark.edu. Please let her know what you have in mind and she will be able to tell you if there are other people working on related modules. Also, be sure to look at the template for modules. You can submit you modules in straight text (word or wordperfect preferred) and we will add anchors and internal links, or you can submit your material in html format. If you submit material in html format, we ask that you not use frames and that you keep the graphics to a minimum.

Copyright issues in creating new modules

In developing your modules, you are responsible for compliance with all intellectual property laws. You should obtain non-copyrighted material (such as statutes and judicial opinions) from non-proprietary sources, i.e. NOT lexis or westlaw. If you are including portions of copyrighted material, for example law review or newspaper articles, contact the copyright owner and obtain permission to include the material in your module and permission to grant the Learning Cyberlaw in Cyberspace the right to post the material on our website and to authorize nonprofit educational uses of the material (see Legalese for a description of what we authorize users to do with the material posted on the site).

Module Submission Process

Once you are ready to submit a module for consideration, please email the Learning Cyberlaw in Cyberspace project at cyberlaw@lclark.edu and inform us of the material and its size that you want to submit. That way we can decide the best way for the submission to occur.

If your module is included on the site, we ask that you also prepare an initial posting for the faculty discussion forum concerning your modules.

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