Oregon Code of Professional Responsibility ' 2-101(H)

(H) Except as provided in DR 2-104, an unsolicited communication, including a communication sent via electronic mail, to a prospective client who is known to be in need of legal services with respect to a particular matter and who is not a close friend, relative, current client, or one with whom the lawyer has current or prior professional relationship shall be identified: (1) for written communication, on the envelope and on the bottom of each page by the word "Advertisement," printed in at least fourteen point bold type, which shall be larger and darker than the type used for the address on the envelope and in the text of the written communication; and (2) for communications sent via electronic mail, by including the word "Advertisement," in type that is larger and darker than the type used for the text of the communication, if possible, or if that is not possible, then set off from the text at the beginning and the end of the communication