Learning Cyberlaw Through Cyberspace - Module Template

Community Standards in the World Wide Community
(Insert title of individual module here, replacing this filler text.)

Table of Contents

This will be a linked table of contents just for the particular module. This will be done using anchors.

Introduction to the Module

This section should be a brief introduction to the particular module. What is the learning objective for this section? What will students understand when they've finished this module? Etc. Reading This is the meat of the module - the reading assignment. What you include in your module is entirely up to you. Edited cases, statutes, reaties, etc., could all be included here, along with text written by the module author.

I think it is preferable to include the material itself, rather than links to that material.

If you are going to include copyrighted material (e.g. NOT public domain material like cases, statutes, etc.) see if you can get permission from the copyright owner. I think it will be best if we all attempt to do our own copyright clearances initially. If you find you are having trouble getting permission, then contact Lydia. There are limited funds in the grant budget to pay for some permission fees. Hopefully most of the material we will be using the copyright owners will let us use gratis (perhaps on the condition that we include a link back to the copyright owner's homepage).

If you want to include links to material, obviously that would be fine, but recognize the risk in having a dead link in your module. Sometimes, linking to another site within the reading material will be unavoidable and entirely appropriate. For example, if you want the students to "explore" a site to see how an entity or site functions, etc. If all you are doing is linking to "straight" reading material, I think we should copy it directly into the module and if it is copyrightable material, we should try to get permission to copy it.

Notes and Questions
This section is intended to be like the notes in a casebook that follow the main cases. Comments on how different courts have addressed specific issues, short questions about the readings, etc., might be included here. It is also possible that your notes and questions will be interspersed throughout your readings and not in a separate section. In that case we would just delete this element from the module list. Problems
This section is to be used by modules where the author has written hypotheticals for the professors and students to use in class discussions, for assignments, or outside classroom discussion among students, etc. Related Resources and Readings
This section would contain links to other sites that contain information relevant to this particular module. For example, in a discussion of domain names, the author might choose to link to NSI, ICANN, WIPO, etc.