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Welcome! This page of the Learning Cyberlaw in Cyberspace site provides information for faculty who wish to use these modules in their courses. If you choose to use one or more of these modules, please read the "Course Listings" section below and follow the instructions to let us know that you're doing so.

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Discussion Forum

This portion of the cyberspacelaw.org site is devoted to discussion of the various modules. These discussion areas utilize a threaded discussion format for asynchronous posting by faculty members. Each module has its own discussion forum. The goal is for these fora to be a vehicle for the module author to explain choices made in the design of the module, provide insight into how the author uses the material in the module during classroom discussions, and sometimes provide additional questions or hypotheticals that could be used in connection with the module. In addition, faculty using the modules can post their own ideas concerning the module, including additional links, questions, hypotheticals, etc., and even teaching techniques that worked or didn't work in connection with modules. These fora are meant to be akin to teachers manuals, only better because they draw on the collective experience of many different professors using the material. The discussion forum is not meant to take the place of the excellent email discussion list, cyberprof, moderated by Mark Lemley at the University of Texas.

The discussion forum is a password protected site accessible to only faculty members teaching in the field of cyberspace law. If you are a faculty member teaching in the cyberspace law field and are interested in obtaining access to the discussion forum, email cyberspacelaw.org indicating your name, your school affiliation, and provide a central contact phone number and email so that your affiliation can be verified. You will then be sent an identification and password to obtain access to the discussion forum. Using the link "discussion forum," above, you will be prompted to enter your id and password. After correctly entering this information you will find yourself inside the discussion forum with links to each of the fora on the modules topics.

New Module Creation

This portion of the site provides instructions on how to have new modules posted to to the cyberspacelaw.org site. Because cyberspace law is a rapidly changing field, we envision the constant creation of new modules. We also believe in open availability of these modules via the world wide web for student access around the world at no charge. If you are a faculty member teaching in this field and have a set of materials that you think make would make a nice addition to the collection of the modules posted at this site, review the information posted in the Authors' Forum concerning how to post this material.

If you are using these modules for your courses we urge you to consider contributing a module of material. In this way the cyberspacelaw.org site will continue to keep pace with changes in this field and be a useful NO-FEE based site.

Course Listings

Here you will find links to websites for courses in cyberspace law that utilize some or all of the modules posted on cyberspacelaw.org. If you are using one, two, or many of these modules in your course and would like a link posted here, please email cyberspacelaw.org. If you are designing a course and are considering using the material in these modules, you may find it helpful to see how others are mixing, matching, and ordering these modules.

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